Ioannis Altamouras (1852-78)

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Off the harbor, 1874, oil on paper mounted on cardboard, 23.3 x 30.5 cm

A dull, rainy and humid seascape is revealed in front of us. Small boats are scattered here and there, schematically defined, somewhat vaguely against the background. A little to the fore, we see a few boats painted in dark colours and contrasting the overall blue-white landscape. Their cross-like shape makes them a point of reference for the entire composition. Sea and sky appear united, in the absence of a clear separating line for the horizon.

This is one of Ioannis Altamouras’s many seascapes. The painter, clearly influenced by Impressionism, uses lively colours and pays attention to the handling of the light and its reflections on the surfaces. He prefers to capture the atmosphere rather than sticking to a realistic detailing of the landscape he chooses to depict. This work dates from 1874 and, albeit small, stands as proof of the painter’s excellent technical skills.